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Mission Stay @ SRU

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Mission Stay @ SRU

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Inspired by her own illness in 2016, SRU graduate student, Serena Engel created Mission Stay at SRU.


Mission Stay at SRU is a student group that helps support the needs of current SRU students with serious illnesses who still strive for an education. When individuals are battling illness, many costs can fall through the cracks (even with insurance), leaving people to pay out-of-pocket for the supplies and services they need.

Continuing education alone can be a burden without the added cost of being sick.  Our vision is to create a fund that will provide financial support to those who live on campus and strive for more during these times of great physical and mental challenge.


Your generous support for Mission Stay at SRU could be the difference between a student staying in college or being forced to drop out due to unanticipated medical costs.


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We believe that being in school is enough of a financial burden for a student to deal with.  Our mission is to empower students to make decisions about their lives based on their intelligence and abilities and not on their medical charts.  Every dollar raised is another opportunity to show these students that you believe in them.


​"While I was going through [chemo] treatment by biggest concern was 'What do I do with school?'; 'How do I continue my education and set myself up so that I'm not behind?'"-R. Vaughn, Student and Cancer Survivor


Our vision is to provide financial support to students experiencing serious acute or chronic illnesses.   Let lessening health-related financial burdens be our mission.  Let staying in school and staying healthy be yours.



Special thanks to Raymond James for generously supporting our project.
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Hourly Hospital Parking Fee

Inner city hosptials charge an hourly fee to park in their parking garages. This amount would cover about 2-2.5 hours in a hospital.


Oxygen Backpack

Serena bought a backpack to carry her oxygen tanks to class with her. The holder given to her for oxygen was one strap with no support so this wasn't realistic for the weight and functionality of carrying oxygen for a student with her lifestyle.


Gas Money to Hospital visits

Unbudgeted traveling during illness to city hospitals can be pricey, especially depending on what kind of vehicle you're driving.


Patient Rate Hotel Room

The Holiday Inn beside the Cleveland Clinic offers "patient rate" rooms. They are still not affordable based on the financial burden of illness.


Cancer wig

$200 will buy a cancer patient a low quality wig during chemo treatments. Not all patients are eligible for free wigs from places like locks of love.



Even through cancer, the apartment complexes that rent to students will not let a person out of their lease. The management teams at several complexes that rent to students at Slippery Rock state that the only way to get out of a lease is death.


Percentage copayment for MRI

For average insurance the percentage paid out of pocket is roughly 15% of every procedure. When applied to a person who is getting testing done routinely, this small percentage adds up rapidly. This was Serena's copayment for 1 MRI.


Copay for one ambulance ride

A typical copay for one ambulance ride to the emergency room is about $1,000. During serious illness, emergency room visits become frequent and ambulance rides rather than car rides become a necessity.

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